Welcome to the PAMEC.Energy Association

The PAMEC.Energy Association encourages membership from individuals around the world who wish to support research and development of renewable energy from the ocean’s tidal currents, waves, ocean thermal current (OTC) salinity gradient (SG), and offshore wind, particularly floating offshore wind,  in the Americas – from Chile in the south to Canada in the north, and everywhere in between, including the Caribbean.

Our First Conference

Our first conference was held in San Jose Costa Rica, January 26 – 28, 2020.  The conference also included workshops at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose on January 24-25, 2020 and on the afternoon of January 28, 2020.  For more details, have a look at PAMEC 2020 webpage. 

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Become a Member

The PAMEC.Energy Association accepts membership from individuals who support our objective of growing marine renewable energy in the Americas. Membership requires a small payment of $15 USD or $20 CAD for a two-year period.

More About Us

More information regarding our organization, bylaws, and Board of Directors can be found on our About page.

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