PAMEC.Energy Association is a non-profit organization created to bring together researchers in marine renewable energy in the Americas (including the Caribbean) by means of the Pan-American Marine Energy Conference (PAMEC), a research conference that is part of a global network of conferences that includes the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) and the Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (AWTEC). PAMEC is intended to foster the development of marine renewable energy through collaboration among researchers, developers, and suppliers.

Picture courtesy of Grupo ICE.

PAMEC.Energy Association was established to be an ongoing organization to provide support in the planning and execution of the conferences, as well as continuity between events. The organization aims to support research and development in a range of marine renewable energy technologies including offshore wind, wave, tidal, salinity gradients, ocean currents, and thermal gradients

The association maintains this website and publishes a newsletter to connect members with activities throughout the Americas including the Caribbean. After the success of PAMEC 2020 and the side workshops in Costa Rica, PAMEC.Energy Association offers its support for the organization of events in Pan-America that align with the organization’s scope during and in between conferences. 

Board of Directors

The founding Board of Directors consisted of individuals with a lengthy background and interest in Marine Renewable Energy matters. More members, from all the Americas’ regions and various technical backgrounds, have joined PAMEC.Energy Association and a full slate of 13 Directors are in place. More information on how Directors are elected is available here, and details of our current Board of Directors may be found here

Organizational Structure

PAMEC has several Committees/Boards to help us plan and implement our conferences. The PAMEC.Energy Association Board of Directors is the overall governing body, but the Technical and Program Board as well as the Local Organizing Committee play significant roles in ensuring the conferences we hold are relevant and useful in supporting renewable research and development activities in and from the marine environment. 

To tie us into the International Research Communities represented by EWTEC and AWTEC, we also have an International Advisory Board


PAMEC.Energy Association has legal status under the Nova Scotia (Canada) Societies Act. The Purpose of the organization and its by-laws are intended to support a broad membership of individuals who are interested in research and development in marine renewables in the Americas. The PAMEC.Energy Association Bylaws have been approved by the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies.