Organizational Structure


Andrés Fernando Osorio Arias

Chair of Technical Committee & Representative of South America


Andrés F. Osorio is a professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and he is the director of OCEANICOS research group. He is also the director of Center of Excellence in Marine Science – CEMarin (www.cemarin.org). He has experience in management of ocean and coastal zones (GZOC), renewable marine energies, numerical modelling for reanalysis, and forecasting and designing solutions for coasts and oceans engineering.

He has been involved in international projects such as: CoastView (vigilance of coastal systems in European countries), software development of SMC (Coastal Modelling System), and a technological strategy for climate change made for Colombia’s Environmental and Sustainable Development and UNEP-Riso. His experience as professor, international researcher, and consultant places him as a part of the international experts in Coastal Engineering, Marine Energy and GZOC in Central and South America.

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