Organizational Structure


Elisa Obermann

Treasurer & Representative of Canada

MPA, Dalhousie University


Elisa has been involved in the marine renewable energy sector for over ten years. As executive director of Marine Renewables Canada, Elisa has been working to advance offshore wind, tidal, wave, and river current energy in Canada. She facilitates technology innovation and sector development by advocating for supportive policies, identifying international business development opportunities, and enhancing the capacity of the local supply chain. Elisa has also designed and led numerous engagement and outreach activities to grow knowledge and support for marine renewable energy development.

Elisa is a founding member of the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity (CanCORE) and Electricity Alliance Canada, as well as the alternate delegate for Canada on the International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems (OES) executive committee. She has also worked at several other organizations, focused on clean technology, tidal energy, and the broader renewable energy sector including Sustainable Development Technology Canada, the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), and Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

Elisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters in Public Administration from Dalhousie University.

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