Francisco Javier OCAMPO-TORRES

Board of Directors

Francisco Javier OCAMPO-TORRES

Chair PAMEC 2022 Organizing Committee

Oceanographer from Marine Science School of University of Baja California (1980), MSc in Physical Oceanography from CICESE (1982), and PhD from Oceanography Department, University of Southampton (1989), with more than 40 years’ experience with studies of ocean surface wave dynamics and related processes.

Author or co-author of more than 40 scientific articles published in peer review journals, mainly associated with ocean surface wave dynamics and applications, air-sea interaction with emphasis in carbon dioxide and momentum transfer between the ocean and atmosphere.

Research interest is very much related to perform detailed observations of the most relevant physical variables associated with the dynamics of the sea surface, making use of modern devices ranging from ADCP and turbulent velocity detectors, to optical cameras and radars on-board of satellites or airplanes, as well as deployed along the coast.

More recently with great interest in ocean wave energy and the potential conversion to practical uses, dealing with resources evaluation and with the development of experiments in the laboratory and at sea, to make progress on designing and building new devices to convert the ocean wave energy. Supervisor or co-supervisor of about 30 graduate students (11 PhD, and 21 MSc).

Active member of the WISE (Wind Waves in the Earth System) group since 1994, and of its Scientific Committee of since 2014. Member of the Mexican Academy of Science since 2000, and of the Mexican National System of Researchers, at Level 3 since 2016. Founder member of CEMIE-Océano A.C.