Call for Abstract Submissions

A Call for a Registration of Interest in Submitting an Extended Abstract is expected to open in January 2023 followed by formal submission of the Extended Abstract no later than June 1, 2023. The Extended Abstracts will be reviewed by the PAMEC Technical Committee and the authors notified in mid-September 2023 of acceptance to present their research at the PAMEC 2024 Conference Sessions in Barranquilla, Colombia, January 22-24, 2024.

Researchers will be invited to submit extended abstracts outlining their work associated with the following themes:

  • Resource Assessment
    • Methodologies
    • Technologies
    • Related Issues such as Turbulence
  • Environmental Assessment
    • Methodologies
    • Technologies
    • Findings
  • Technology I
    • Wave
    • Tidal
  • Technology II
    • Offshore Wind- Fixed Bottom
    • Offshore Wind- Floating
  • Technology III
    •  OTEC
    • Salinity Gradient
  • Storage and Integration Technologies
    • Integrating Renewable Energies into Grids
    • Electrical and Hydrogen Storage Considerations for Marine renewables
    • Storage
    • Technologies to enable Micro-Electricity Demand Solutions
    • Micro-electricity Demand Needs, such as Ocean Technologies, Aquaculture and Remote Micro-Grids
  • Building the Social and Policy Support for Marine Renewable Energies
    • Policies to enable Marine Renewables for Remote Coastal Community Solutions
    • Public Confidence
    • Integrated Planning Methodologies and Tools
    • Socio-economic Issues, including consultation, engagement and participation by Indigenous Peoples, and building supply chains
    • Market Supports
    • Test, Research and Commercial Demonstration Centres

In addition to the Conference Sessions, the Conference is planning additional Pre-Conference Workshops on January 19-20. These Sessions will include technical demonstrations on modelling (WEC-SIM), Data Sharing (PRIMRE) as well as an International Workshop Session on Environmental Sensing and Monitoring Technologies РCapabilities and Gaps, and a Workshop Session on Technologies and Policies to Support the Integration of Marine Renewables into a Grid.