Sponsors & Supporters

Our conference is possible through the support of volunteers and sponsors. We have a wide range of sponsorship packages scaled to the capacity and interests of different groups. Many sponsors have dedicated their funding to help students while others are offsetting the cost of specific activities. 

Our early sponsors and supporters of the Conference include Shell Technology – Marine Renewable ProgramEnvigour Policy ConsultingUniversidad del Norte and CEMarin.

Additional PAMEC 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities are still available. Please contact President Bruce Cameron (bruce.cameron @ pamec.energy) or PAMEC 2024 Chairperson Oscar Alvarez Silva (oalvarezs @ uninorte.edu.co) directly if you wish to discuss the details of your support.  

A goal of PAMEC is to support students to attend and present at the conference. Please advise whether your funding will be unrestricted or directed to cover the costs of student registration for the conference.






Workshop Hosts