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Barranquilla, also known as “la Arenosa” (the Sandy) and “Curramba la Bella” (Curramba the beautiful), is one of Colombia’s major cities, as well as a key tourist destination.

Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport (BAQ) is to the south of the city and has international flights from Miami, Quito, Panama City, and Curacao.

Most flights from North and Central America connect through El Dorado International Airport (BOG), also known as Bogota Airport.

There are also seasonal flights that serve Barranquilla and the nearby Historic City of Cartagena. As air travel recovers from COVID restrictions, check flights carefully. One good resource is

A taxi into town will cost $3-5 USD and the Shuttle is $15 USD. See for further details.

Local transport

The conference venue is on the campus of the Universidad del Norte. Universidad del Norte is located in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, if you want to get to the campus you can do it by taking one of the public services of buses and taxis. At the University there is a taxi station. If you want to go from the hotel to the campus it is recommended to call a taxi from the hotel reception. The following are the common rates:

-From Universidad del Norte to Barranquilla Plaza Hotel: regular rate is $12000 pesos (US$5.0 approx)
-From  the Airport to Barranquilla Plaza Hotel: regular rate is $35000 pesos (US$12.00 approx)
-From  the Airport to Universidad del Norte: regular rate is $30000 pesos (US$11.00 approx)
-The minimum rate, as reference in the city: $6.000 pesos (US$ 2,5.00 aprox)

The rates may vary depending on the distance, time, etc.

The bus service is public and you can take it from the city to the university and vice versa. The rate for this service is $2.000 pesos (less than a dollar)


There are a number of affordable hotels in the vicinity of Universidad del Norte as well as accommodations available through AirBnB.

PAMEC selected the Hotel Dann Carlton Barranquilla as the official hotel for the conference. The Hotel is located in the north of the city, next the most modern shopping center on the Atlantic coast. Its strategic location provides proximity to the main access routes and business centers of the city, as well as the best bars, restaurants and representative places of the region. It is 3.8 km from the Universidad, a 40 minute walk or 9 min drive away.

Other Hotels close to Universidad del Norte

GHL Collection Barranquilla Hotel

Innovative and avant-garde, the Hotel GHL Collection Barranquilla is a luxury hotel located in the northern part of the city , in the residential neighborhood of Villa Santos, close to the main leisure and restaurant areas of Barranquilla. It offers a wonderful view of the mouth of the Magdalena River and a perfect stay for your business or pleasure trips.

It is 2.8 km from the Universidad, a 26 minute walk or a 7 minute drive away.

Barranquilla Plaza Hotel

Enjoy your stay at the Barranquilla Plaza Hotel where, in addition to comfortable rooms, you will find apartments, meeting rooms, two swimming pools, a gym, and a lobby bar. In its highest tower is the Piso 26 Restaurant , an icon of the city.

The hotel is located in one of the most important areas of the city, with fast access roads and leisure and business places around it, all of which makes it the perfect accommodation for any type of traveler visiting Barranquilla.

This Hotel is 6.7 km from the Universidad , a 17 minute drive.