Call For Extended Abstracts

Researchers have been invited to submit extended abstracts outlining their work associated with the following themes:

  • Resource Assessment
    • Methodologies
    • Technologies
    • Related Issues such as Turbulence
  • Environmental Impacts
    • Methodologies
    • Technologies
    • Findings
  • Technology I
    • Wave
    • Tidal
  • Technology II
    • Offshore Wind
    • Floating Offshore Wind
  • Technology III
    •  OTEC,
    • Salinity Gradient
  • Storage and Integration Technologies
    • Integrating Renewable Energies
    • Grid Connections
    • Storage
  • Policies to enable Remote Coastal Community Solutions
  • Technologies to enable Micro-Electricity Demand Solutions
    • Micro-electricity Demand Needs, such as Ocean Technologies, Aquaculture and Remote Micro-Grids
  • Building the Social and Policy Support for Marine Renewable Energies
    • Public Confidence
    • Integrated Planning Methodologies and Tools
    • Socio-economic Issues, including Supply Chains
    • Market Supports,
    • Test and Research Centres

Submission Steps

Those who submitted an extended abstract did the following:

  1. Signup for our Newsletter to ensure you are kept up to date on conference arrangements and submission processes.
  2. Early Notice of Intention: Send PAMEC an email to: with subject line showing the theme area and a one sentence title of the planned extended abstract.
  3. Download the extended abstract template (click here to download template)
  4. Extended Abstract Submission: Create a two-page extended abstract in MSWord or as a pdf and attach it to an email with subject line: Extended Abstract Submission [include Theme Area] and send it to:

Deadline for Submission

  • Extended Abstracts were sent no later than 16:30 Costa Rica Time (CST) on Sunday September 15, 2019. This is an extension from the original deadline. Accordingly, no additional extended abstracts are accepted.

Next Steps

Before the Offer to Present becomes final, authors must register for the conference, and agree to allow their presentations to be part of conference proceedings, available to all participants electronically.

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