Organizational Structure for PAMEC

PAMEC.Energy Association

PAMEC.Energy Association is a not-for-profit organization registered in Nova Scotia Canada under the Province’s Societies Act. The membership of the Association is open to all who support the objective of advancing marine renewable energy research and development in the Americas. The Board of Directors has an international composition, with reserved seats for Directors in various jurisdictions in the Americas, including Canada, USA, Central America and Mexico, South America, the Caribbean and Directors elected at large. The Association serves as an administrative oversight body for conferences and is responsible for the conduct of them.

The PAMEC.Energy Association formally receives, holds and disperses funds for its own operations and that of conferences. It will officially approve membership in and decisions by advisory, operational and conference management bodies.


Technical and Program Board

This group is responsible for the content of the conferences including the selection of key topics, themes, key speakers and the oversight of the paper selections. Additional experts may be added from the Americas if desired by the Board.

The core membership of the Board is made up of those who have previously agreed to be part of the Technical Committee for PAMEC 2020. To strengthen the regional representation and promote the experience of next-generation research leaders, the Board will have additional representatives add to reach a total of 20 members.

Communications among Technical Board Members will be through email and internet apps, but Board Members will also meet on an annual basis, either before a conference or in conjunction with another conference such as EWTEC, AWTEC or ICOE.

Technical and Program Board Members as of July 10, 2019

Bruce Cameron, President, PAMEC.Energy Association (Canada)
Tattiana Hernández-Madrigal, Vice-President, PAMEC.Energy Association (UK/Costa Rica)
José Rodrigo Rojas Morales, Director PAMEC.Energy Association (Costa Rica)
Luc Martin, MERIC, (Chile)
Rodolfo Silva Casarín, National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico)
Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest Labs (USA)
Richard Karsten, Acadia University (Canada)
Sandra Farwell, Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines (Canada)
Andrés Fernando Osorio Arias, Profesor Universidad Nacional de Colombia, (Colombia)
Justine McMillan, Staff Scientist at Rockland Scientific Inc., (Canada)
Diego Acevedo, VP Business Development, Bluerise BV (Aruba)
Manuel Alejandro Rubio, Universidad Central de las Villas in Cuba (Cuba)
Georges Govaere, Professor Engineering at University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Bruno Souza Carmo, University at San Paulo (Brazil)
Robyn Murray, NREL, (USA)

Conference Local Organizing Committee

This group is responsible for the logistics and associated events of the conference. Issues such as venues, receptions, dinners, recommended accommodations, side events, and trips will be planned and executed by them. Promotion within the country will also be their responsibility.

The Local Organizing Committee will work collaboratively with the PAMEC.Energy Association to ensure the budget and plans for the Conference are feasible and achievable. It will also work with the Technical and Program Board to ensure the Program proposed for the Conference can be executed properly in terms of promotion, venues, etc. This committee is already starting work and has the support of many of the major Costa Rican universities in San Jose, and the local electrical utility. The Committee members are also working to confirm strong Government/Country support for the conference.

Local Organizing Committee as of July 10, 2019

José Rodrigo Rojas Morales, Director PAMEC.Energy Association (Costa Rica)
Tattiana Hernández-Madrigal, Vice-President, PAMEC.Energy Association (UK/Costa Rica)
Bruce Cameron, President, PAMEC.Energy Association (Canada)

International Advisory Board

Similar to the structure of the Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (AWTEC), PAMEC has established an Advisory Board made of up key individuals from the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) to ensure strong communication and build an international alliance. In addition to Advisory Board members from EWTEC, PANEC’s Advisory Board will include key leaders from AWTEC. The Advisory Board will provide advice and a conduit to ensure smooth communications among the three global marine renewable energy conferences.

International Advisory Board Members as of July 10, 2019

AbuBakr Bahaj, EWTEC and University of Southampton (UK)
Cameron Johnstone, EWTEC and University of Strathclyde (UK)
Chul H. Jo, AWTEC Executive Board and Inha University (Korea)
Jiahn-Horng Chen, AWTEC Chair Organizing Committee 2018 and National Taiwan Ocean University (Taiwan)

See here for more information on the Advisory Board

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