PAMEC.Energy Association, in collaboration with CEMIE-Océano , is supporting the creation of the Pan-American Ocean Energy Students (POES) Network. This organization is led for and by students and early career researchers in the Americas that are involved in the marine energy sector. The main objective of this independent organization is to create synergies between institutions and associations from different countries to promote collaborative research in marine energy topics that are within our scope.

The POES Network, their guidelines, implications, and benefits of being an ambassador were introduced and presented during PAMEC 2020 on January 26th to 28 in San Jose Costa Rica.

The POES Network is a volunteer association, acting as a hub for student organizations in Pan-America, that aims to facilitate information sharing and collaboration between students and young researchers in the Americas with the rest of the world. 

They seek to support and promote the development, research, and future implementation of Ocean Energies (e.g., wave, tidal current, salinity and thermal gradients, etc.), and interdisciplinary related topics. 

The POES Network initiative is currently managed by representatives from CEMIE-Océano Estudiantil and REMARCO. To consolidate the network, they are identifying collaborators who would like to be involved as ambassadors. Their main function will be to represent and be the organization’s point of contact. 

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Would you like to be involved with the POES Network? Please contact PAMEC.Energy Association’s Student Liaison, Emiliano Gorr ( You can also follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.