Plenary Session: Marine Energy Technologies & Services

Presenters include: 1) Julio Leal-Axys Technologies, 2) Peter Scheijgrond- Bluespring , Offshore 4 Sure, 3) Moriel Arango, Blade Runner Energy, 4) James Anderson, Sea Solar Power, 5) Craig Chandler, Oneka Technologies, 6) Jose Montoya Posada, Neowave Energy,

Online courses on Offshore Renewable Energy

Are you passionate about launching a career in Offshore Renewables? Eager to acquire comprehensive knowledge? Join our pilot action to evaluate top-notch content in Spanish, encompassing 8 online courses. These courses span technology development, testing, certification, environmental effects, policy, finance, installation, and operation and maintenance of cutting-edge offshore renewables, and cover wave, tidal, OTEC, salinity gradient, and floating … Read more

Offshore for Sure

The poster visually shows the future energy transition that is taking place at sea and how we will demonstrate 5 innovations as part of the O4S project, funded by INTERREG Flanders/Netherlands and list all the participating organisations. Author: Peter Scheijgrond, Bluespring