Plenary Session: Marine Energy Technologies & Services

Presenters include: 1) Julio Leal-Axys Technologies, 2) Peter Scheijgrond- Bluespring , Offshore 4 Sure, 3) Moriel Arango, Blade Runner Energy, 4) James Anderson, Sea Solar Power, 5) Craig Chandler, Oneka Technologies, 6) Jose Montoya Posada, Neowave Energy,

Offshore for Sure

The poster visually shows the future energy transition that is taking place at sea and how we will demonstrate 5 innovations as part of the O4S project, funded by INTERREG Flanders/Netherlands and list all the participating organisations. Author: Peter Scheijgrond, Bluespring

The Neowave wave energy converter: Technical and financial approach

Neowave is a fully scalable wave energy converter, conceived in 2020 and conformed by basic and commercial parts. Its manufacturing processes are simple and it has a stackable structure, suitable for isolated areas. Remotely Operated Systems (ROS) for maintenance and control have patent pending processes and they are its technical innovations.

The Neowave wave energy converter: Technical and financial approach

The Neowave WEC is a point absorber with a scalable main body which is made of standard commercial parts. Its manufacturing and assembly processes can be done using traditional manufacturing methods, currently available worldwide even in developing countries, which make it accessible for remote communities with scarce economic resources. The Neowave WEC’s dismountable and stackable … Read more