Technologies and Policies to Support the Integration of Marine Renewables into a Grid

Technologies and Policies to Support the Integration of Marine Renewables into a Grid

Dr. Marcos Lafoz Pastor

Although ocean energy is a minor part of the energy matrix in most of the countries, their participation on the full scenario to provide flexibility and energy diversity is very promising, especially in some particular scenarios. Offshore wind, tidal and wave energies will be the ones mainly considered, with some room also for the analysis of energies based on thermal and saline gradients.

This workshop will present three different views of the integration of marine renewable energies in the power systems. Firstly, a technical view which will address: the technologies involved, the requirements for their installation, a description of the most important issues involved in the operation when connected to the electric grid and the main alternatives to compensate the negative effects. Several grid codes will be used as study cases to define the grid code compliance. Secondly, from a techno-economical perspective, the evaluation of marine energies will be faced, considering the connection with other types of energy, energy vectors or even industrial activities. The particular case of islanded grids is considered. Thirdly, the environmental impact of these energies, as well as social acceptance will be discussed.

The format of the workshop will be a round table with some specialists who will talk providing their particular point of view, basing the talks on particular case studies accomplished.

During the final part of the workshop, and as a proper workshop should be, the attendees will participate more actively, in collaboration with the speakers and working in groups, in order to generate a final document to sum up the main conclusions and proposed measures to enhance the definition of energy policies that favor the integration of marine renewable energies.

Dr. Marcos Lafoz Pastor is Coordinador de la Red temática REMAR del programa CYTED REMAR: Oportunidades de Integración en Redes Eléctricas Iberoamericanas de las Energías del Mar
Sat 09:00 - 12:00
Grid Integration, Policy